L & E Stover Enterprises

Apply for a Scholarship to Kiln Assistant!

  • Anyone may apply, including participants who are already registered.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are most likely to use and benefit from the scholarship opportunity.
  • Scholarships currently only apply to the Kiln Assistant couse offered April 30th & May 1st in Clearfield, PA.
  • Scholarships cover course registration, and are issued to L & E Stover Enterprises by the Scholarship Sponsor.
  • Scholarships are issued to recipients as discounts on registration, or as refunds to participants who have already registered.
  • Contact information for a supervisor willing to provide a reference for the applicant is required.*

    Please provide a SHORT summary of the applicant's current position, their work ethic, and their potential for promotion within their company.

    Which level of scholarship are you interested in?**

    **Preference will not be given based on responses to this question.

    *Please note that this application grants L & E Stover Enterprises and select Scholarship Sponsors the ability to contact the applicant's supervisor. It would be adviseable to notify applicant's supervisor of potential contact before submission of this application.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Evan at e.stover@againstthelean.com or call (814) 935-3870.