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Spring 2017 Participant Reviews

Kiln Assistant + Kiln Measurements:

"I have attended three courses with L & E and each one has substantially expanded and improved my knowledge and capabilities as a kiln operator. L & E's knowledge and expertise are second to none. They offer everything from beginner courses to some of the most cutting edge information in the industry. If you wish to learn how to be more efficient, dry higher quality lumber, or become a part of innovation, then L & E is where its at!"
-Sean Kalbach, Spring '17

"I enjoyed both courses, especially because you and Lee discussed new research and technology that is not included in standard kiln reading material like the Dry Kiln Operator’s Manual. Beyond the lectures, getting a chance to interact with other experienced kiln operators was valuable for gaining insight into how to improve our kilns. Thanks for the great courses!"
-Rachael Van Pelt, Spring '17

"Lee and Evan do a great job at coming up with great courses to advance my knowledge of the kiln and how to make my job a little easier. I would recommend going to any class they teach."
-Kevin Kratzer, Spring '17

"Thanks for the scholarship. Also Kiln Assistant was great class and it provided me with the opportunity to meet other assistant operators. Having experienced kiln operators there helped with learning."
-Cole Ostrander, Spring '17

"I have attended two classes and both times you guys have challenged me and gave me a very informative experience. I have taken so much back and have applied it to my wood drying practice with positive results. Keep up the good work and hope to see you both in the fall."
-Tim Marshall, Spring '17

"I enjoy the theory and the practical application of the theory in a friendly hands-on format. They make the complex, simple. Lee and Evan are data driven and do not present information that they have not researched thoroughly and validated through their own testing. I leave the class with more insight and ideas about how I can improve my process than I have time to implement. I highly recommend taking their classes. I plan on retaking classes that I have already taken when they are offered to reinforce subject matter and I look forward to new subject matter as it becomes available in class format.
The lodging was great. I love the free breakfast. The beds are very comfortable and the rooms are clean."
-Tad Smith, Spring '17

"Thank you for the time in your class. The information I learned in your course was very useful and needed. Looking forward to your courses in the fall! Please keep educating the industry."
-Richard Rudacille, Spring '17

Spring 2017 courses were sponsored by Future Design & Wagner Meters!

Spring 2017 courses were sponsored by Future Design & Wagner Meters!

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Fall 2016 Participant Reviews

Kiln Schedule Modification + Kiln Problem Solving:

"I really enjoyed the course. I feel like I have a better command over the subject matter and feel a sense of confidence that I didn’t have before. Thanks again for a great class!!!"
- Tad Smith, Fall '16

"This was a great course for expanding my knowledge of what is actually happening to our lumber and why. Learning the science behind the process has really changed my thinking on drying. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is drying lumber. The knowledge gained is a must have. Thanks for doing this!"
- Matt Brownlee, Fall '16

"After 30 years of drying lumber, the workshop provided a refreshing look at different methods analyzing the anatomy of drying schedules. The tools that were shared are tools that are now being put into practice and will continue to be applied to improve drying for a long time to come. I am looking forward to attending future workshops particularly around modifying and improving existing drying equipment."
- Mark D. Roberts, Fall '16

"The classes were well laid out and very educational. The technique taught for modifying kiln schedules made the process visually understandable. The kiln data research helped to identify what my kilns were made to dry and how to make schedules accordingly."
- Joel Jennings, Fall '16

"I had many technical questions answered in this class I had been asking for many years that only got a generic response. Thank you for your availability after classes for further discussions also. I will be attending further classes."
- Matt Langoehr, Fall '16

"The advanced kiln course was very insightful, it wasn’t the same course many of us have already taken. The course made me rethink a lot about drying techniques and how I can adapt them to our kiln drying practices in our company. Evan and Lee have put a lot of thought into their course and backed it up with science. It was very well done and worth my time."
- Steve Potter, Fall '16

"This class really helped me look deeper into my schedules, I’m going through and fine tuning. Helped open my eyes to problems I have and solutions to make them go away. Not just your “run of the mill” operators course, but rather brings experience, science and logic together."
- Josh Morgan, Fall '16

"This course takes the participant deep into the systems of both the kiln and the wood itself. It is the science behind the sample, and the science behind the steam."
- Tom Graber, Fall '16

"The course gave me insight and reason behind what I do everyday and ways to improve my drying. I enjoyed the hands on experience that was given and plan to attend more classes as they are given."
- Tim Marshall, Fall '16

Fall 2016 courses were sponsored by Future Design & Wagner Meters!

Fall 2016 courses were sponsored by Future Design & Wagner Meters!

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Spring 2016 courses were sponsored by Wagner Meters!

Spring 2016 Participant Reviews

Kiln Schedule Modification + Defect Identification & Mitigation:

"Lumber drying is the art of applying science to wood. Nobody understands this better than Evan and Lee. Their scheduling course enables even the most experienced kiln operator to find creative ways to manage the challenges of our ever changing resource. This is a must do seminar for even the most practiced drying personnel."
- Tom Graber, Spring '16

"Great class for a kiln operator or a quality person. A lot of information about making your kiln schedules better and why your product might be failing before or after it gets to the client."
– Kevin Kratzer, Spring '16

"I was very pleased with the fact that this truly was advanced stuff, and not just the same old regurgitated boiler plate kiln drying information. Definitely something that offers a new perspective and emphasizes the opportunity around being detail-oriented with your drying processes. Great stuff! Probably the best drying workshop I have ever attended."
- Wes Dunn, Spring '16

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