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Kiln Climate Sensing

Building better sensor systems.

Our data shows that environments inside a kiln are highly variable in space. Sensor position and the wet bulb tray must be carefully designed to provide the best information to the controller.

Our customers and research partners recognize this sensor array as a trademark of our research. These designs have been proven accurate in both testing and application.

Our design features:

  • Portable wet bulb can be placed with the lumber
  • Dual mounting for wet bulb and dry bulb sensors
  • Modifiable arms support any sensor type
  • Enclosed reservoir increases wet bulb accuracy
  • Reservior for distilled water lasts 28-30 days
  • Industry Partners

    Conducting research and developing new products.

    L & E Stover Enterprises has developed long-term research relationships with many of our customers and contacts in the industry. We continue to seek out opportunities to partner with manufacturers who would like to license and produce our technologies to make them available to the broader wood products community.

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